Team Member based Billing

TaskBill can track your billable rate for each member of your team and reflect this rate on invoices and reports.

To enable Team Member rate billing:

  • First, edit any projects you have already created by clicking on Projects, then the project name, then edit project and remove the value you have entered for the default hourly task rate. If you have entered any task specific rates, you will need to remove those as well. You should see "team member rate" under each task rate.
  • Next, edit each team member by clicking on Manage Team, then click edit next to each team member. You will now be able to enter in a billable rate for each team member. 
  • If you would like to apply this new billable rate to existing unbilled time log entries, click the box next to "Update Billable Amount for All Unbilled Time Log Entries for this Team Member".

Now when you view reports, time logs, or create invoices, the team member billable rate will be used.

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